Our Range

We supply a range of castors and wheels designed for many industries including commercial flower farms, cargo handlers, aviation equipment, medical equipment, shop fitting, trolley manufacturers and specialist metal fabrications. Our range of castors are available with plain bearing, roller bearing and ball bearing and come in with plate mounting or single bolt hole fitting depending on your requirement. Our castors and wheels range is suitable for weights between 50KG and 10,000KG per wheel with various wheel options including nylon, polyurethane, perfoma rubber and black rubber.

Furniture Castors

Moving small or large furniture with ease is key to the life and value of that asset. With our furniture castor range home, office and many other furnishings can be ideally positioned, but still remain mobile.

Irrespective of the floor conditions, Castor Solutions has the right solution on hand, with all the characteristics to be expected of a furniture castor.


  • Office equipment
  • Light medical stands & carts
  • Chairs and stools
  • Store fixtures


Light Industrial

The Light Industrial castors have load capacities of up to 250 kgs per wheel. These casters are specifically designed for light duty institutional and industrial applications – smooth rolling and maintenance free.  They  are solid and reliable components within this agile cycle. They have just one goal in the process: to guarantee quality – forever.


  • Utility Cabinets
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Work Benches
  • Store Fixtures

Medium Industrial

The Medium Industrial castors have load capacities of up to 600 kgs per wheel. Solid super welded yoke for extra strength. These castors are for general industrial uses with wide application options.


  • Materials handling in factories
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Automobile factories
  • Aeronautic sector

Intensive Use

The Intensive Use castors have load capacities of up to 2,200 kgs per wheel. Solid super welded yoke for extra strength. Our industrial castor is the perfect balance between efficiency and durability when medium heavy loads is required.

  • Flower trolleys
  • Industrial driven carts
  • Dollies
  • Repair shops
  • Food industry
  • Hospitality industry

Stainless Steel

In environments that demand high hygiene regulations like in laboratories for biotechnology, medicine and food research cleanliness is an essential part of quality management. Stainless steel castors are perfect this kind of environment. Produced from high-quality pure steel and precisely manufactured, they bring sterilizing and instrument cabinets and other mobile units safe and clean to their destination.


  • Laboratories and Research facilities
  • Food processing plants

Bakery Castors

The most commonly found equipment in bakeries are the Pan dollies and the Oven Racks. Pan dollies are the carts that are used to store the baking sheets pans when not being used. This dolly needs to be sturdy due to the potential load capacity and also needs to maneuver easily throughout the bakery. The bakery oven rack need to endure the demands of the ovens high temperatures and be able to be washed down or steam cleaned for sanitary purposes.


  • Bakeries
  • High temperature food processing plants

Heavy Duty

The Heavy Duty castors have load capacities of up to 11,400 kgs for the double wheel. Designed above industry standards these castors and wheels are built to bear and move the heaviest loads possible with minimum damage to asset.
Available with brake or swivel lock.


  • Cargo containers
  • Factory assembly tables
  • Heavy machinery
  • Platform trucks
  • Flatbed carts
  • Backroom equipment
  • Distribution carts

Special Applications

Our special application range is specific to the application it is needed for like hospital bed and equipment castors, cable guides, glass cutting table castors and jerking castors just to mention a few. Your special needs are adequately met in this range.


  • Hospitals
  • Catering Services
  • ICT industry

Should you require any help or advice on selecting a suitable castor for your application please call contact us.